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General FAQ

System software :
You need Windows 7 or later and a Excel 2007 or later.

For Mac users, we convert the data files on the SD card.

Elogger Software
The Elogger Utility is downloadable from the website

Virtual Com Port
VCM files are downloadable from the website depending on twhich system you have, either 32 bit or 64 bit

If the Blue (satellite) light comes on after the vehicle is started then the Elogger will record each trip.

The Elogger draws power from the vehicle to fix the satellite only when the vehicle is started.

The other lights (green and orange) get power from the internal battery.

It could be that the device is not getting power through the power cord.
Check the glass fuse at the tip of the power socket. Replace with the same spec fuse (R2 or so at most electronic stores)
Also, check if the green light at by the power socket comes on if the vehicle is started 

The Elogger can be place under the seat, in the cubby-hole or in the central console. It doesn’t need line-of-sight 
Yes indeed. There are only 2 wired and the power socket is normally cut off and the wires are connected to the fuse box of the vehicle. The cables are also placed under the carpet for neatness. Please ensure that the black box is reachable for removal when you want to download
Keep the data cable in a safe place so that you have it for downloads. The data cable is only plugged in for downloading and must be removed afterwards for the Elogger to go into “recording” mode
The SD card may be faulty or just popped out. Re-insert the SD card or replace and switch the Elogger Off and On. The green light should stop flashing 
Orange is for Business and Green for Private. An easy way to remember is that only the Orange light is on on the black box. So if that light is on, you can claim for tax
Yes, that is the preferential socket if your vehicle have one. Check your vehicle spec online to see where your second is located
There is a glass fuse inside the power socket. Unscrew the top and check is the fuse is blown and replcae. Be carefull that you don’t lose the spring etc in the process
Yes, electronic logbooks are permitted by SARS. Remember to add your reason for visit to be 100% tax compliant. Also, keep the Elogger on all the time so your end destination of your previous trip is aslo the start location of your current trip


Yes, the GPS will record anywgere in the world. Some countries do not have a lot of GIS data and street addresses may not be as detailed as in South Africa
Most clients do actually because it only happens once a year. Watch the short videos on the website to refresh your memory
Yes, for the Usage Logbooks of Diesel Rebates. Elogger can be installed onto the fuse box of trackers etc. Talk is us for GIS mapping of your farm in 100m squares which helps with the completeness of the logbook
No, we don’t do taxes but we are passionate o help you keep an accurate logbook


Yes, we deliver via courier within 3 to 5 working days of payment depending on your destination
No, Elogger is a data logger only
Your logbook data is recorded on the on-board memory and a backup TXT file on the SD card. We can generate a logook from all the files on the SD card if required
You have to add reasons for each visit then the excel file or PDF can be sent to your tax practitioner for submission. We are launching additional software to automate most of this for you
Yes, we look after our clients with passion. We also offer additional services where we log in via Teamviewer and download your data for you. Have a look on the Shop Online page for pricing
We made the cables as long as possible so that you can hide away the Elogger from sight
It’s like choosing a car. They all have engins. To compare apples for apples, look for a GPS device with a large memory so you don’t HAVE to download often, a strong antenna to hide your device away from criminals and then if you can get street addresses if end destinations if you want to. Otherwise to go look on Google Maps will take more time than a manual logbook 
Yes, we carry the full range of spares in case your need it


Software FAQ

Download the GIS Utility on the Software page. Remember to get your unqiue GIS Subscription key. It is a Macro-enabled Excel file so please check your Regional Settings and Excel Settings as shown on the Software Page
Yes, the basic Elogger device is the same on all pricing options. The GIS Subscription is only to convert the GPS coordinates to Street Adresses
Each digit after the comma represents a distance so for example a 100m radius would go the the third digit. Ask for our easy formulas to do this in Excel
Please update the Elogger Utility from the website. The build version should be V1.09 in the About tab on the Utility
Yes, watch our news section when we launch a fully fledged Sales and Distribution tool using the Elogger data. We expect the magic to happen by 31 October 2019
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