Annual Logbook Service Option

As an alternative to you doing your own logbook download and compliance check, we offer an annual drop and collect service.

Purchase an Elogger Annual Option

Plug the Elogger in the power socket of the vehicle and switch the unit on. Leave the Elogger on all the time.

At start of the new tax year, we will arrange a courier to deliver another GPS box for you. We will also collect your existing Elogger with the year’s data on. 

Data download and complaint logbook

We download your data including GIS Street Addresses and send you a PDF logbook file that is 100% SARS compliant based on our our compliance checker.

What we check for

Day of the week : Split between weekend and weekdays

Public Holidays

Annual Leave Periods

Travel from Home to Office and vice versa

Names and Reasons

Using a GPS radius we will ask you to complete a few Names and Reasons for us to use consistently throughout your logbook.

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