Lose your pen and paper, Love your Elogger

Elogger is a GPS data logger that records a trip every time your vehicle is started. Push the Mode button to change between Business or Private. Stow the Elogger out of sight for security purposes. Download into Excel once a year to claim your business travel from SARS.

Elogger GPS data logger

Why choose Elogger

Simply plug the device into your lighter socket or secondary power socket and switch on.

Leave the Elogger on all the time and download when you are ready into Excel. With its large internal and SD card memory, you can rest assured that all trips will be recorded for more than a year.

Mode Button

Choose between Business and Private trips. Only press the button to change the mode. Elogger will still record each trip in the current mode.

Antenna (no line-of-sight)

Place the Elogger in the cubbyhole, central console or under the seat. Safe away from thieves. Velcro tape provided for easy attachment.

Power Socket

Use the lighter socket or secondary power socket. Plug the power cable in and switch the unit on. Hardware installation done.

Data Cable (use only for downloads)

Keep the data cable in a safe place and use it to download  your data. DO NOT leave the data cable in the Elogger while you drive.


Both Onboard Memeory and SD card backup can easily keep more than a year’s data without download.

Logbook Data in Excel

The Elogger Utility downloads your logbook data into Excel. The workbook is editable to change columns and add reasons. 

Windows OS Required

Using the Windows Virtual Com Port Driver, the Utility require Windows OS from 2003 to 2016. A valid registered version of Excel is also required.

GIS Street Addresses

We use reverse geocoding to convert GPS coordinates into street addresses without requiring lookups on maps. This save a lot of time and the converted can be run as an Excel macro file or we do it for you via email.

Easy As 1…2…3…

Hardware installation takes about 2 minutes. Unpack the content of the Elogger box. Plug in the power and mode cables (it can only go in one way). Plug the Elogger into the lighter socket or secondary power socket. Switch the Elogger on and you are ready to go.

Install the software when you want to download your logbook data.

Platinum once-off purchase

Buy the Elogger as a once-off, no subscription option for R1995. Delivery via courier /Postnet is included. You get free GIS Street Addresses for life. With a 12 month replacement guarantee you can be assured of many years of tax claims with no hassles and saving 40 hours per year.

Annual Logbook Service

Buy the Elogger hardware for R1075 initial cost. All you do is plug the unit in the car. After year-end we swop your GPS box for another one and do the download for you. We then apply all the required logic for your mode selection, reason for visit etc and provide you with a 100% SARS Complaint Logbook for R595 plus courier charges both ways. Delivery option available in Cape Town and Pretoria. 

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