GPS Data logger

Easy to install GPS device that logs every trip you make throughout the day

Business/Private button

Press the button to change mode between Business or Private.


Large Memory

Records more than 18 months without downloading. Backup SD card memory too.

Strong Antenna

No line-of-sight required. Keep the Elogger hidden in the cubbyhole or central console

Ready to save TIME and Money

Free GIS up to 30 November 2019 for clients that buy in September

Compare us to other GPS devices

Elogger Logbook downloaded into Excel with GIS addresses

Our Pricing

Elogger GPS unit

Elogger is packed with powerful features compared to other devices in the market and provide clients with an easy way to complete their travel logbook.
Similar to a black box used in an airplane , clients keep their Elogger on all the time and download their logbook data once a year.

  • GPS Data Logger
  • Mode Button for Business or Private
  • Antenna - No line-of-sight required
  • Memory - 18+ months data

Free shipping to Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

R75 shipping charge to other regions

GIS (Street address) Subscription (Optional)

Use the Elogger for a month including a temporary key to convert the GPS coordinates into actual street addresses.
Then decide if you need this functionality and subscribe to one of the GIS options. 
If you feel you just want the Elogger device to make your life easier then just keep using it as normal. There are no contracts so you can stop your chosen subscription at any time.

The GIS options are designed to suit your pocket.
Silver option, no initial cost with a higher quarterly subscription.
Gold subscription (R645) with a lower quarterly subscription.
Platinum for a once-off R1 445 price and no subscriptions.

Combo Packages

For clients preferring our traditional pricing, we also have combo packages available
Elogger GPS device with a quarterly GIS subscription of R35
Elogger GPS device with a lifetime GIS subscription
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