Elogger is a GPS data logger that records a trip every time the vehicle is switched off. The device can be stowed away under the seat or in the cubbyhole as it does not require line-of-sight like other smaller devices. Data can also be store for more than 18 months so users only need to download once a year for tax purposes. Installation takes about 2 minutes because the Elogger can be inserted into the power socket of the vehicle and switched on. Alternatively the Elogger can be installed via the fuse box of the vehicle similar to a car radio (we recommend to use a professional installer)

Apples for Apples Comparison

elogger sample logbook
elogger sample logbook

Mode Button

Toggle between "Business" (Orange) or "Private" (Green). Users only need to press the button to change the mode. Elogger will record each trip when the vehicle is switched off.


With 32MB onboard memory, Elogger will easily hold more than 18 months data. In addition, it has a 64MB SD card as a backup which in reality will hold more than a lifetime's data for the user.


No line-of-sight needed.  Safely stow away the Elogger under the seat or in the cubbyhole.

GIS Addresses (Subscription optional)

GPS coordinates are converted to the actual address of the end destination. No need to look up on Google Maps where you have stopped. The Excel file is also fully editable and users can easily change the mode of the trip if required.

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