Each box contains :

GL101 GPS device

The Data Cable is only for when you download and should not be connected whilst driving

Cigar charger x1
Button Cable x1
USB Data Cable x1

Connect the Power Button and Mode Button to the Elogger unit. the cables can only fit in the designated slot.

Install the Elogger in the vehicle Insert the Power Cable into the lighter or power socket of the vehicle. Most vehicles have a secondary power socket and the Elogger can be placed there if available. the Mode Button can be placed in a easily accessible position. Use the velcro tapes. Elogger does not need line of sight so the unit can be place in the cubbyhole, centre console or under the seat away from potential thieves.

Switch the Elogger on Switch the unit on and you are ready to be logged. Elogger will not draw power from the vehicle unless it is started. We suggest that the unit be switched off if parked for an extended period of more than a few days.


GIS Addresses

On download all GPS coordinates are converted to the actual address of the end destination.  No need to look up on Google Maps where you have stopped. The Excel file is also fully editable and users can easily change the mode of the trip if required.


No line-of-sight needed. Safely stow away the Elogger under the seat or in the cubbyhole.

Mode Button

Toggle between “Business” (Orange) or “Private” (Green). Users only need to press the button to change the mode. Elogger will record each trip when the vehicle is switched off.


With 32MB onboard memory, Elogger will easily hold more than 18 months data. 
In addition, it has a 64MB SD card as a backup which in reality will hold more than a lifetime’s data for the user.